Mental Floss Guest Cheese-Blogging

The story is:

I have a little piece about cheese changing the lives of holy women that’s going to be published in an upcoming edition of mental_floss magazine.

Besides that, I have five Guest Blog post going up this week on the mental_floss webpage. That’s one for every day of the week. Which means three have already comes out. Here they are:

You may read them, if you’d like. Everything on the internet is voluntary. There’s more to come tomorrow and Friday — something about cheese mites and something else about something else.

You might notice I’ve had to make some adjustments in tone and breadth for this legitimate enterprise. No Bert and Ernie, yet. But it’s gone well. And I’m not sure when I’ll be posting here next, still, because I’ll probably be doing some more writing for them in the near future. 

Let’s just wait and see.

1 Response to “Mental Floss Guest Cheese-Blogging”

  1. 1 Eric Eaglstun February 1, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Great posts on mentalfloss, hope to see you you back here soon.

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